Fuel solutions

Fuel solutions

Supporting your business needs

Your business needs are varied. So are our fuel solutions. We control the quality of our products, supported by our leading research and operational processes.
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Esso Diesel Efficient

Getting greater fuel efficiency is crucial to your business’ financial success. Esso Diesel Efficient™ is an advanced diesel product that reduces emissions and fuel consumption. So you can enjoy improved productivity while saving on maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Lower fuel consumption

    Lower fuel consumption*: Average of 2.8%

  • Lower emissions

    Lower emissions*: Average of 2.8% less CO2,
    10% less NOx, and 22% less particulate matter

  • Minimize injector clogging issues

    Minimize injector clogging issues: Improve engine peak power and responsiveness

  • Extend machine lifetime and reduce downtime

    Extend machine lifetime and reduce downtime

Esso Diesel
By manufacturing Esso Diesel according to our global standards, we ensure that the products you receive are always consistent in quality.
When you feel confident about the fuel in your engines, you'll have one less worry and more time for your business priorities.

Quality fuels and holistic support

 You can rely on our expertise and consistent delivery throughout the production process to meet all your business needs.

Our refinery and assets

Our refinery and assets

As one of the few companies in Thailand to own and operate our own refinery, we have direct oversight over fuel production and a consistent fuel supply even during emergencies.

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Holistic support for your business

Holistic support for your business

Our team provides holistic, high quality support for your
business. Allowing you to enjoy peace of mind while
achieving your goals.

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* Esso Diesel Efficient claims are based on internal and third-party vehicle engine testing, laboratory testing, and/or industry or other scientific literature. Basis for comparison for all claims is versus unadditised Esso Diesel. Fuel economy and emissions testing was performed in the UK using on-road trucks. Vehicle type, engine type, driving behaviour, and other factors also impact fuel and vehicle performance, emissions, and fuel economy. Esso Diesel Efficient may be used in other heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles, but results may vary.